Draft for a Set Desgin in the movie "Als wir träumten", 2013

Diretor: Andreas Dresen         Camera: Niklas Hoffmann       Production Design: Susanne Hopf

Art department intern: Catharina Zopf

Meteoriten, a post-apocalyptic story as a series format.
For the production of a trailer (2015), we should create the residence of simon, one of the main characters. In cooperation with Mick Klöcker and Theresa Höfer we designed and constructed the sets. On the one hand it was crucial to create a elegant atmosphere for the residence, one the other hand it was  important to illustrated, that the world that is familar to us, doesn‘t exsists any more. This is demonstrated by the second set,  a laboratory. As room for the set, we choose a lost place and recovered it.  

Directors: Jan Mocka, Ingo Monitor               Camera: Sabine Panossian        

Production Design: Mick Klöcker, Theresa Höfer, Catharina Zopf

This short film (produced: 2015) based on the conte of Katherine Mansfield „a cup of tea“.  The story was transmitted in today‘s
world. The development of the narration is driven by a  pictographic language. The sensible use of colours   intensifies the atmosphere of the short film.  There are dominant colours at the different settings like red,
which stands for warmth and tension, and blue, which stands for coldness.

Director: Matthias Staudinger              Camera: Clemens Barth        Production Design: Catharina Zopf          

Set Design of "Veras Mantel", 2015

Diretor: Ronald Unterberger         Camera: Moritz von Dungern          Production Design: Sophia Lund    

Production Design Assistant: Catharina Zopf

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