My dear friends Maria and Christian get married this year and the two asked me to assist them in the creative points of the wedding. I designed the invitation and decoration for the celebration. According to the wish of the couple I designed the invitation card in a classic style with floral elements.
For the festival room, an altered stable in farmhouse style, I designed the decoration in muted colours and vintage style. Because of the limited budget, I have worked with typical waste products and throwouts like cans, disposable glasses, ornamental cups and bags for coffee beans. With simple steps and additive of spray paint, lace, the old throwouts appearing in a new glamour. The flowers were selected to accent the natural style of the decoration. Therefore, the colour scheme contained lot of green, white and a little red.

Almost everyone has struggled with tights ripping almost the first time you wear them. And yet, neither production nor disposal are very eco-friendly! Because of that, we decided to look into the subject of elongating the life span of a regular pair of tights through changing the material. Knitting has been trending for quite some time  now and even the art scene has adopted this technique as a form of protest. So we came up with the idea to experiment with different types of knitting. With the help of a special device, one can knit in a way that forms the material into a round cord, which gives it more durability. There are different products for which this technique could be applicable, since the cord is exceptionally elastic and tear-resistent. We decided to make it into a bag that is adaptable to a number of situations. For instance, if the user has to carry large objects, the material stretches, whereas it can also be used for smaller items since it quickly contracts back to its original size.

DIY Clothes Rail 2014

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